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Using Baseline Simulation Results and the Database of Program Rules

The results of baseline simulations, as well as the historical database of actual program rules, are accessible to registered users through this website.

By clicking on "Rules of Simulated Programs" in the TRIM3 Navigator, users can examine the rules of the programs simulated by TRIM3, currently and historically. While the TRIM3 database only captures those rules simulated by the model--which may not include all nuances of actual program rules--the database of program rules nonetheless represents a valuable resource for cross-time examination of the rules of tax, transfer, and health programs.

By clicking on "Microdata Examiner" in the TRIM3 Navigator, users gain access to the micro-level variables created by TRIM3 during each year's baseline simulations. The results can be examined and, if desired, extracted for further analysis using statistical software packages such as SAS and SPSS.

By clicking on "Summary Tables" in the TRIM3 Navigator, users can see a table showing the key results of each baseline simulation.

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