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The Transfer Income Model, version 3 (TRIM3) is a comprehensive microsimulation model that simulates the major governmental tax, transfer, and health programs that affect the U.S. population, and can produce results at the individual, family, state, and national levels. Since the first TRIM model was operational in 1973, the TRIM models have been used to understand the potential outcomes of public policy changes such as welfare reform, tax reform, and national health care reform.

TRIM3 is developed and maintained at the Urban Institute under primary funding from Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (HHS/ASPE).

TRIM3's annual "baseline" simulations (simulations of actual program rules) are used to correct for the under-reporting of transfer program benefits in the survey files used as input to TRIM3, and to create other variables--such as program eligibility indicators--unavailable in the input data. Registered public users can access the micro-level variables produced by the model's baseline simulations, as well as the model's historical library of program rules.

This discussion provides answers to the key questions listed below. More detailed information on TRIM3 is provided on the Documentation page.

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